Electric motors, reduction gears, motor-reduction gears «REDVIG»

Gearboxes are mechanisms that drive machines, equipment, and equipment to reduce the angular velocities of the main shaft in order to increase torque. Gears use gears, chain gears, worm gears, and also use them in various combinations - worm and gear, chain and gear, etc. There are combined actuators in which the gearboxes are combined with the gearbox. An important advantage of our gearboxes is the ability to get a large gear ratio in one step. Gearboxes have high running smoothness, compact size, low noise. In most cases the self-braking property does not allow the use of additional braking devices. Due to these advantages, gearboxes have become widespread in the industry. They are used in lifting devices, conveyors, mixers and various machines. Proper selection of the characteristics of the gear reducer guarantees the fulfillment of technical requirements and long uninterrupted operation of the equipment.